Shipwrecks of Coron/Busuanga

Learn about the history of the wrecks and facts surrounding the "Japanese Supply Fleet" sunk during WWII that lay resting on the seafloor only minutes from our shop here in Coron Bay, Busuanga. Busuanga Bay Divers have taken to the time to research and learn about these wrecks to satisfy our own curiosity and to answer questions people may have with legitimate answers and facts, even involving a historian with years of experience diving and researching these beautiful and rich waters.

Okikawa Maru

10 - 26 m / 33 - 85 ft

Only a short 5 minute drive from our resort and arguably one of the most interesting and lively wrecks in Coron Bay.

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22 - 36 m / 72 - 118 ft

The only wreck with remaining intact armarment and a chance to see a 127mm shell after being encrusted over the past 70+ years. 

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Kogyo Maru

22 - 36 m / 72 - 118 ft

Previously an ammunition and constructions supply ship the Kogyo has some of the most abundant marine life as well as incredible artifacts like a bulldozer, massive boiler room, and countless swim-throughs.

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Ekkai Maru (Morozan Maru)

12 - 25m / 40 - 82 ft

Take in the amazing plate corals encapsulating the port side of this sideways wreck while enjoying the abundance of life teeming all around.

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34 - 45 m / 112 - 148 ft

A tech/rebreather and advanced diver's haven. One of the largest wrecks in the area offering everything from advanced penetration to schools of hungry jacks and large congregations of juvenile damsels and barracudas

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Olympia Maru

20 - 30 m / 65 - 100 ft

The Olympia Maru is a massive upright vessel offering a beautiful array of schools of fish and old artifacts like broken beer and sake bottles as well as bricks with the Japanese insignia.

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Shofu Maru/Lusong Gunboat

1 - 12 m / 13 - 40 ft

A beautiful shallow wreck covered and surrounded by healthy coral and an abundance of tropical fish, a great place to start, learn or practice.

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Terukaze Maru

5 - 18 m / 16 - 60 ft

An old sub chaser makes a great place to learn about wreck diving and still get to play on the nearby reef.

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Kyokuzan Maru

22 - 39 m / 72 - 128 ft

The wreck that dreams are made of, beside the old jeeps, trucks, Japanese plates and more scattered throughout the inside, this wreck boasts some of the best visibility of all the sites in Busuanga Island.

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